Painting the case (Antec 1200)...



The side panel on my antec 1200 has seen better days. It has many scratches on it, and its now time to paint it.

Has anyone ever painted their case? Do I need to prime it, sandpaper it, spray paint it? Is there a specific type of paint I have to use or anything I need to do before I go for the painting job? For now, I just want to clean up and repaint the metal side panel. I've never really painted anything before so I don't know how complex it will be. Any help or advice would be appreciated thanks.
Its just like painting anything else sand it down clean all the dust off from the sanding primer it then pick a color a few years back I painted my case like this and I used spray paint that was meant for cars and it came out looking pretty cool but any spray paint will work.
When I paint cases I normally clean the surface first. Then I give it two light coats of primer followed by two light coats of paint.

I normally sand after applying the first light coat of primer. I use very fine wet/dry sand paper that I moisten with water. After sanding I clean it again to remove all the fine dust. If necessary, I repeat light sanding after applying the second coat of primer. I normally do not sand when applying the two light coats of paint.

I use inexpensive spray cans of Rustoleum primer and paint that is available at hardware stores. One can of each is enough to do the job and still leave plenty of paint left over. Since your side panel is black, I recommend you use black primer. You probably will not be able to match the black paint to the pc case but since you will be painting the entire panel you should be able to come pretty close with matte black.

Paint in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Don't paint if the air temperature is below 60F or it is too windy. practice first on a piece of scrap metal, wood or cardboard so you can develop a nice steady motion without causing runs.

IMPORTANT - Spray paint particles get blown all over the place. Wear safety glasses and a face mask to protect yourself. Spread out some newspapers or cardboard too.