Question Pairing the perfect monitor with my U2715H (Dell UltraSharp 27" 1440p) on my rMacbook 2015/Thinkpad Laptop

May 25, 2019
Hi all,

So I'm at the last place of my build. I don't do gaming nor photoshop. I do mostly programming (JavaScript, PHP, some C#, etc.) with some Netflix.

I have a Dell UltraSharp U2715H 27" as my main monitor. I am looking to pair it with a secondary monitor as I have it connected to my Macbook Pro/Thinkpad Laptop.
  1. My main monitor is 1440p, if I buy Dell's UltraSharp 4K U2718Q, will I have scaling issues mixing 1440p and 4K? Color issues?
  2. Should I just buy my monitor's newer model (U2719DX 1440p IPS) and be done with it?
  3. Is 4K really worth the effort over 1440p?
  4. Is it okay to pair the Dell UltraSharp with other types of monitors not from the same brand? (Because I see the LG 27UK600 and it's nice.)
Thanks for your time.
There are couple of systems where I work where 1280x768 old monitor is alongside 1920x1080 monitor - it's up to Windows and your GPU to set them properly. One monitor does not know about the other, and vice versa.

You're mentioning several systems around, I'd look for a monitor with plenty of input ports.