Palit GTX260 Sonic 1792MB BIOS Tweak


Jun 20, 2009

i need a help from you guys that mastering this part :D

i have Palit GTX260 Sonic 1.8GB.

the problem is this card doesn't have 2D clocks.
It always run at almost full power.. :eek:
so the idle temperatures is about 52°C. My room temperatures about 24°C (use air conditioner)
how can i make this card to have 2D Clock so if i'm just using opera, it'll reduces it's core clock...:D
and if i'm palying some 3D games it's core clock will be back to default..

last thing... anyone know how to change the voltage ? im testing 3DMark06 this morning (GMT +7)..

core 695Mhz
Mem 1202Mhz
Shader 1499Mhz

it give me 17.195 3DMarks Score..

then... a few hours later... i'm rasing the bus speed for the processors to 4320 Mhz.. then the display shows some artifact...
at the first i thought it's must be the processors... then i reduce it to 4.2Ghz... but still the same...
last thing i tries the "morning" configuration... still got some artifact... :fou:

so i test again
E7400 @ 4104Mhz (9X456) 1:1 to ram
but the gpu on default speed...

it gives me 16.186...

so i think the problems not from my processors...

any one can help ?
i'm new to graphic card overclocking.. especially BIOS Flashing...

thanks for coming by... and sorry if my english is bad :ange: