Palit Overclocking?



I've heard good things about Palit cards and I want to know; how do you overclock with Palit cards? What is the Palit overclocking application?

PS: I'm planning to get the Palit GTX 570.


Mar 11, 2011
Correction Palit has an over clocking tool that comes with its install CD.

Just a question.
Where did you hear Palit is a good card? I have a Palit GTS 250 and the performance versus the same MSI GTS 250 is bad so just check and make sure.

The program is called Rtuner or Riva tuner i think. I can really remember the name, coz I dont OC my card so I dont use it. You can manually set all the clocks and control the fan speed with the program.

Rivatuner does not work with the Fermi cards.

Well I've learnt something new today! :lol: There may be something like that on the CD's that came with my GTX560's but I've never bothered to look. :whistle: