Question Palit RTX 2080Ti Gaming Pro OC turning off randomly (maybe under load)

Is the GPU dead?

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Dec 25, 2019
Hi all,

I have had the card for around a year and now it has started playing up. I am aware that these cards tend to.. 'Self Destruct' And am moreso looking for a second, third, fourth or fifth opinion on the matter.

I have done various tests using the game 'War Thunder' as a benchmark, running the ingame benchmark a few times till the GPU hits 70+ degrees and it all performs fine.

On random occasion the GPU will literally turn off. This happened once at 78 degrees C and once at 72 degrees C. This leads me to believe it is nothing to do with the temperature of the card. The screens go black and light on the GPU goes. I still hear sound from the game for 30-40 seconds after this happens though.

Initially I thought it was due to dust being in the case. I cleaned the case completely to no avail. Next I was thinking it could be windows updates or some software related issue so I updated everything to the relevant version and still the same issue..

Browsing the web and using discord seems to be ok afaik but not had them open long enough to test really.

Is it dead?

Also forgot to mention that I have seen a LOT of artifacting previous to the card shutting down randomly.