Palit's GTX 980 Super-JetStream Is Company's Fastest

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Feb 5, 2014
Palit is one of those GPU vendors such as Diamond and GALAXY who have a bigger presence over in Europe and other countries than they do in the USA. You can get any product that sells in a place where you don't live as long as you know where to look and have some friends in other countries.

Anyways; I think the GPU they've shown us here looks pretty good - really nice design and build quality in my opinion. Not much of an LED fan person though but I'm glad to see they let you disable it.



still kinda makes me wonder why they pulled out of the U.S they use to sell here but not anymore [as with grainwald and there the same company]

is it that they cant comply with the U.S laws or standards for there product something's up with that .. also I don't think they sell any ware in north or south America at all .. so if there product cant compete here as with the rest of the card brands don't seem like something I would want anyway [opinion]
i have used a few Palit GPU's, in my area their RMA process is very very nice. If they find it faulty, people got a replacement within an hour. of course given that the gpu was used and cared for properly.

while i like other brands (like asus), i also like cheaper brands like palit. Now i am using Innod3d, i did not like them before, but after reading about the review of my gtx670 i bought an inno3d ichill. and man, this is the coolest running gpu i ever owned. i play bf4 with a temp of 49-50. my previous 560Ti MSI twin frozr using the same pc in the same room and same game, it was running at 63 and above. Very very nice, though i chill is not that cheap, but worth it


Feb 1, 2010
They both buy coolers from a parent company. That's why Palit's and PNY's are practically identical when they come out. I've heard that they have a parent company that owns both of them but I can't find a reference.

I personally have distaste for Palit. Their support is rather, poor. It took them 6 weeks and around 10 emails to return a video card with a defective RAM chip.

PNY on the other hand I've had great support with, maybe it's because they're out of New Jersey rather than half way around the world as Palit is mainly Asia/EU.


Sep 12, 2013
Galaxy, Yuan, Gainward, Vvikoo, XpertVision and Daytona are controlled by Palit Microsystem.
Galaxy is also known in europe as KFA2.
I own a Gainward 770 Phantom and a KFA2 750Ti.
Palit is the best seller of graphic cards and they sell only Nvidia chips. The second best seller is PCPartner, which is Zotac and Sapphire. Asus is third, MSi and Gigabyte 4th and 5th.
You can find sources by yourselves.
There's no point avoid a brand because someone one day had some accident. I had a big problem with a 2TB Black WD, not only I bought a twin to run raid1, but got 2 reds 4tb for my NAS.
Shit happens.
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