Parallel Ports still offered by dell? hp? etc.


Jun 30, 2011

I recently bought a computer from HP and found out after the fact that i required a parallel port. I need this parallel port due to a program requiring a parallel port key (a dongle that must be plugged into the computer in order for the program to work).

I have two questions regarding parallel ports.
1. Do any computer brands like dell, HP, etc. still offer computers with parallel ports?
2. I bought a PCI-Express parallel port card and found out whatever is plugged into the parallel port must have an external power source. therefore my key/dongle does not work with the parallel port card (i plugged a parallel port printer into the card and discovered that it works!...). Are there certain PCI-E cards that does not require the module being plugged in to have an external power source?

Thanks for the help!