Part 2: DIY Custom CPU Block( Pics! 56k warning) w/ results

Here are the final results. Block was CNCed (Aluminum 6061); couldn't do on Copper due to cost. The water inlet fitting has some "fittings" inside of it to change/improve turbulent flow. The outlet fitting is untouched.

Leak testing:

Sorry for the mess. Took over my sis's bath room. :p

A quick rendering of the block:

The rad with a 120mm 110CFM Scythe Slipstream fan:

All assembled on a Celeron D 315 @ 3.6Ghz (CPUZ valid: )

Calculated the ~ Wattage of this thing:

:ouch: 141W!!!! with OC. No wonder these were called Preshot's :lol:

The first 10 minutes of P95 small FFT

Temp2 is the CPU temp

After 35 minutes:

Temp2 is CPU.
Note: Voltages shown in SpeedFan are wrong.
Sorry, I had to take pics of the screen with a camera as the test PC was not hooked up to the net (couldn't print screen as the mouse wasn't hooked either :p ). Heck doesn't even have Win 2k SP4 loaded lol

Not bad eh? With a Thermaltake P4 SPARK7+ (lapped) the results were 64C under load.

The block was not lapped yet (waiting for 400-1000grit and papers to be back in stock at the local Autozone). CPU was previously lapped. The CPU block is a quite concave so lapping should improve results by ~3-4C.