Part warranties, rig build financial risk assessment


Sep 2, 2010
Hi there! Considering building my own rig. I've never built a computer from scratch before, and I'm a bit nervous about it so I'm just considering the worst possible thing that could happen financially. i.e. should I damage one of the more expensive parts during construction...caused by maybe touching some pins by accident or sneezing on the motherboard...whatever...what are the chances of getting a free replacement via the part warranty? Or something like that!

I mean, if one has to buy a new replacement mobo/gpu/cpu then its quite a hit on top of what you've already spent. I'm thinking of spending £900 or more, on GTX 670, i5 3570(K), 8GB RAM, and whatever is the best/most reliable other parts to go with.

Just want to know if there's any kind of 'cover'.