partition or not



First I have a 30 gb ibm ultra ata/100 disk and wonder now if i whill lose much in speed and space if i run just one partition insted of several. Second, does´t matter if the boatloader are on the second disk the slave on a dualboat whith win Me and Win 2000.


what i mean is that i now have the 30 gb disk partitioned as c-d-e and running win2000 i just wonder how much i will lose in mb and how fast it will be if i going for just a 30 gb c-drive, i also need winMe that i´m going to put on a 15 gb drive as a slave after the 30 gb on my primary ide connector, i´m not sure if it will boot up like this or i should put the 15 gb as a master instead.


Dec 31, 2007
A) you will actually gain a little (very little) space with only one partion.

B) It won't go any slower

c) Setup the drives as primary master and secondary master

d) Install win me on the 15 gig when the 30 gig is removed. After all is running well re-install the 30 gig. Just go into bios after that and tell it which drive you would like to boot to.

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