Question Partition problem after Operation Failed


Jun 7, 2014
I had a problem on a disk following a partitioning operation done with kde partition manager.
It is a 256GB SSD that already contains some partition including the main one of about 165 GB on which a Windows 10 is installed with some software and data, but most of it empty.

The operation had to resize this main partition of 165 gb (dev / sda4 in the photo) by about 20GB, which it managed to do, but it slowed down a lot on the movement of this new partition. At some point the operation gave an error and stopped.

Now I find this new partition (unallocated - unknown - from 19.53GB in the photo) which was still needed, but the main partition, correctly resized to 144GB, always turns out to be dev / sda4 but as unknown and therefore no longer as ntsf. So, I can no longer use this partition, nor to start the present windows, nor above all to read it to recover some present data.

Do you know if there is a way to restore this partition as functional or at least as readable to make a copy and paste of some data of a folder?



This is exactly why it's not recommended to mess with partitions on a "live" drive with data and also to make current backups before starting to do anything with a disk.

You can try to use a program like Testdisk to get back the partition.