Partition recovery


Mar 13, 2008
Hello all,

I have suddenly faced a critical problem regarding my hard disk partition. My hard disk is 1 TB Sata WD Caviar Green. I had two OS, Windows XP Pro SP2 in Drive C: and Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit in Drive D:. Suddenly i found my both OS failed to boot into respective windows. I had 5 partitions (186 GB each) in my hard disk (C:, D:, E:, F: and G: ). I kept all my documents in Drive E: & F: and in G: i kept movies and songs.

As the hard disk failed to boot into both the windows i formatted Drive C: and tried to install Windows XP into its Drive C:. During installation, after first booting there was a message appear that "Error in loading windows". I tried several times with different XP but all in vain. Then i tried to install Windows 7 32 bit into Drive C: and that was successfully installed. After Installation of Windows 7 i found my 5 partitions there. Now i again reformatted the drive C: and tried to install Windows XP and now i got success. But after installation of XP into Drive C:, i found that Drive E: & Drive F: are missing, where as Drive G: is available. I checked using Computer Management under Administrative Tools of Windows XP and found that Drive C:, D:, G: are healthy and also found another unknown Drive with 372.60 GB (combination of disk space of Drive E: & F: ) free space after Drive G:. Moreover, i found that there are two unknown partitions (unknown disk space) : One is just before Drive D: and another is before Drive G: and there is also another unallocated partition of 9MB just after that unknown drive with 372.60 disk space.

I also used many data recovery software to detect the partition with 372.60 GB free space, but could not found any partition.

Now, can anyone advise me how to recover my original partitions (Drive E: & F: ) and the files contained there.

Thanks in advance.