Question Partitioned drive from MBR to GPT no longer showing

Apr 6, 2020
Hello. I have recently been having some problems with my computer and so I thought that reinstalling windows would be a good idea. I downloaded windows 10 boot installation media and at the time I didn't have a USB to install from. So I used the ISO option and attempted to reinstall from desktop. When I got to select the drive, it said it was in the MBR parition type and it needed to be of GPT partition. I then opened cmd whilst in windows 10 setup, entered "disk part, list disk, select disk 0, clean, convert GPT". This then caused the drive I wished to install windows 10 on to dissapear from the menu selection. I then exited out of the windows 10 installer to find that my drive will no longer show on file explorer. I checked BIOS to see if the drive was showing and it was, so now I am stuck as to what to do to get it to re-appear so it is now useable. Any ideas? Thanks.
  1. Have a USB flash drive available
  2. Download latest Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft
Go over to rufus and use 1+2 above to make Windows 10 installation media. It can make legacy media for old pc or UEFI installation media for up-to-date PCs. You have an opportunity to delete all existing partitions at beginning of installation. Then you'll be starting out with an empty drive. Windows will make the partitions it needs automatically.


Nov 6, 2019
After a clean and convert using diskpart you won't see your drive in file explorer. You have to reinitialize the drive using Disk Management and create a partition on it. After that you should be able to see it in file explorer.