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Question Parts needed to run Ethernet cable from one floor to another


Jun 8, 2016
Hey there,

I’m doing a pretty simple job but I’m not sure what parts I need to get the job done without having any adverse effects on internet speeds.

The idea is I’m running an ethernet cable from my main floor where my router is straight up through the wall straight above to the second floor and then through a hole in the floor so I can run it to a second router on my desk.

I know that I’ll need some sort of CAT6 cable to make the run, but I’m sort of lost as to what my best options are for plates to install into the wall to make the job look finished so there aren’t just open holes in the wall. I have looked at some wall plates that are female Ethernet on both sides, pictured here;


but I have also read that some of these may not be the best option and that some adapters can have adverse impacts on internet speeds.

I’m also not allowed to tie into any existing electrical as it’s a rental townhouse.

Are there specific types of wall plates or adapters I need to use to make sure I get the 120 down that I’m paying for? Ones that won’t affect my internet negatively?

Also apologies if I did a poor job of explaining this. If you can’t tell I don’t know much about internet.