Question Parts recommendation for a mini portable PC


Dec 30, 2012
Hi i want to build a MINI PC which is portable and can be used for high performance and gaming. Also i want it to run on batteries (built in) charge time should be at least 7-12 hours and use time on high performance (gaming) AAA games like battlefield 4 online on ultra settings should be 5-7 hours long. So can someone tell me what parts i would need to build this mini pc. Well, the batteries should be light weight so i don't need a carry bag, when carry the mini pc, it should not be chunky or heavy. Something like mac mini but with batteries lasting 5-6 hours.

I need a dedicated GPU like Mini GTX 1070.

If i need a powerfull battery pack which has portability, if i want to use mini itx form factor and a light case, what are my hardware specs going to be light? The case shall be no bigger than the mac mini (sleek) version.


Jan 14, 2016
you would need to have a custom built power supply with additional battery storage. these products are not available for mass market PCs. this would be very risky as there would be no way to guarantee safety against damaging components or fire and very expensive.

your options are;
buying a very nice battery powered UPS and just connecting a regular miniature system and carrying them around together, which will be heavy. or just getting a decent laptop.

why do you want to do this?
laptops have gone down significantly in price and have much nicer GPU/CPU options than in the past. any decent laptop can output to an external display so screensize shouldn't be an issue either.