Question Passive GPU on PCH x4

Apr 20, 2020
Some years ago I have built a fanless configuration, including NOFAN cr-95 cooler and NOFAN Micro ATX case (CS-60).
After several upgrades current configuration includes i7-8700 CPU and MSI MAG Z390M Mortar motherboard.
Recently I've got a new screen ASUS VG289Q. I noticed that when I run it in the full 4K resolution, the graphics performance is very slow.
There is currenlty no discrete graphics card, only the onboard graphics of my i7 (UHD 630).
I am considering to add a graphics card (also fanless).
The problem is that the first PCIe 3.0 x16 slot (on CPU lane) is obscured by the NOFAN cooler.
Only the second slot is available, which is PCI x16 on PCH lane, thus supporting only x4 mode.
I am considering to add palit geforce gtx 1650 kalmx graphics card (passive cooling).
Would it make sense, or is it just a waste of money, since the card will not be fully utilized under PCH x4?
What would you recommend under these circumstances?
I am a casual gamer, playing mostly Civ 6 on this machine.
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