Passmark is claiming benchmarks for the Phenom x6 1055t


Apr 22, 2010
I'd take it with a grain of salt, but I was browsing the benchmarks at passmark and see they have two benchmarks for the Phenom II x6 1055t. I don't know where these samples supposedly came from, but the score is actually quite impressive... if it's accurate.

I don't know if the forums allow links on a first post (can't remember my old login email) so just google the passmark cpu benchmarks and they'll show up.

Are passmark benchmarks very accurate to begin with?


Well there it is and I put ir up against my Q8200 OC @3.08ghz. The one is a stock 1055T and the other is overclocked to 3.33ghz. According to this it is barely 17% faster then my Q8200 @ 3ghz passmark isnt known to be all that relevant but still I expected more from it hopefully this isn't anything concrete. And the I7980X just kills it but thats expected.