Patch for PhysX when ATI cards are present


Nov 19, 2007
I'd like to point out that the whole "fighting" with nvidia this way may look like we really interested in PhysX and are helping it to live further as a standart. Although i don't want to support it, i'd like to support people who wants to utilize their hardware the way they need/like.

there you go for win7 only, nvidia are going to be so pissed

I don't know about that, surely there has to be some sort of fiddling with the competitors software infringement law that would be broken?


Dec 5, 2008
Actually, ATI does not really need PhysX because I heard that AMD announced about Open Physics Initiative Designed based on OpenCL and DirectX 11 and that AMD also has a collaboration with Pixelux Entertainment which already has its Physics Engine such as "DMM" (Digital Molecular Matter). Unlike NVIDIA's PhysX or NVIDIA's Proprietary Physics, these new Physics Engine would be Open Physics so anyone can use it and perhaps can also re-modify it since it is based on OpenCL and DirectX 11. NVIDIA was keeping its PhysX Physics as proprietary physics because it does not wanted its rivals like ATI/AMD and Intel to use it for free but maybe only if other companies has permission or license from NVIDIA in order to be able to use PhysX.

Here is the link of the article:
I should point out that PhysX is an open standard. NVIDIA implemented it through CUDA, but ATI could have found another way to implement it without having to rely on NVIDIA. PhysX already has the advantage of being ported to consoles, so the devs are already more or less familliar with it.

Frankly, until I see the OpenCL API and the resulting physics set, I'm staying neutral. All I know is what PhysX is capable of should it ever get decent support.


Nov 20, 2008
Yup Nvidia is one greedy little mofo but that greed makes them develop good *** and then help everyone use that ***, cuz it's the way it's meant to be played. Although it got them no good friends with intel, amd and ati turning their back on them.


Jul 29, 2009
Actually the reason ATI doesn't do PhysX is because they would have had to pay a licensing fee to Nvidia for every video card they sold that did PhysX. This is the same case with how any motherboard that supports SLI must pay Nvidia a licensing fee. That's why SLI motherboards are more expensive.

It doesn't make any sense for ATI to pay their rival for each video card they sell. That's why you'll never see PhysX built into an ATI video card.