'Payday 2' Heads To VR Later This Year

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That has to be uncomfortable wearing headphones like that with giant rings in your ears. Also, he has a button in his beard. >_>

As for the game, what would the point be in wearing a mask for a heist if you are going to be holding it in your hand instead of wearing it outside the building?

I also found it worth noting that the trailer does not show the player moving in VR, so they apparently didn't want people to see how that would be handled. Will the player be teleporting around? Will they be getting nauseous sliding around with thumb controls? Or maybe something else? I was interested in seeing what they planned to do for that, but they just conveniently left that detail out.


Mar 14, 2017
The absence of locomotion was glaringly obvious. Kept waiting to see how they would address player movement in the video and they just... didn't.
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