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Question PC Advice?

Jul 8, 2020
Hey guys, I am looking into getting my first IBUYPOWER desktop. I currently own a laptop and am looking between a couple of different options of PC’s and was hoping to get some opinions I am a big gamer and that is what the majority of my use from any of these systems would be! I am unsure currently what monitor I will be getting (still stuck between 1080P, 1440P or 4K) but any advice would be appreciated between these three builds! Also, does anyone have any advice between the intel cpu and the amd?



(This would be upgraded to a 2080 Super most likely!)
Jun 8, 2020
Hey, i did get into these stuff lately, so i will tell you some tips that may or may not help you, and all those from my experience, but i'm no professional or anything.

First of all as a gamer as you, i found it so helpful for me that i had a nvidia geforce GPU, as it allowed me to capture and adjust settings with no delay, and the built-in screen record/game capture (shadow play) is really helpful for gamers and streamers, and video makers in general, so i really support getting nvidia card than an AMD in this concern.

Secondly, in the processors area, i found that Intel processors are really good in gaming specially, that doesn't make AMD's a bad choice, but from my experience i found it legit, but if the price is a concern, the i would advice searching for an AMD alt. Because they are much cheaper and close in perfomance.

Third point, if you are the kind of a guy thay do alot of multi-tasking, then the best option for you in CPUs are AMD's. As they have a really good performance in handling multi-tasking, and better than intel's in this point.

Fourth point, talking about the i7-9700k and i7-9700F, if you are talking budget and you want to choose from one of them then the i7-9700F is the better choice, as it is a little bit cheaper and consumes less power and emit less heat, so it will effect your budget on the cooling/power area, but if money is not your concern, then i7-9700k is really a good choice and better option.

However, more info about, 9700k&9700f can be found here http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/582/Intel_Core_i7_i7-9700F_vs_Intel_Core_i7_i7-9700K.html#:~:text=This CPU offers higher operating,it can be easily overclocked.

Fifth point, regarding GPUs RTX 2080/2070 super, the same thing applies both of them are really good and both of them are good options, as both of them has over the 100 FPS in benchmarks, the differences between the 2 cards are 10~14%, so if budget is a concern take the 2070 it has a really good benchmarking results and is alot cheaper than the 2080.

More info about this can be found in here https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-2080S-Super-vs-Nvidia-RTX-2070S-Super/4050vs4048

And best of wishes, hope you find your match that works 100%, hope that i could help, good luck!
Skip the i7 9700 pcs, 8 cores, although fine now, will be a limiting factor in the future. Atm, most games use ~4 cores, some 6, and a couple 8+. The 9700 is also based on lga 1151 which has been succeeded by the lga 1200. So ideally, go for an AMD 3600 or higher, or a i5 10400 or higher.

I'd skip 4k unless you plan on getting a 34"-ish ultrawide display, most gpu's can't run 4k past 60-70fps, so 100Hz is plenty, even 75Hz will be enough for most titles. I'd aim for a 1440p monitor, the 2080S will push that quite well at around 100fps, so a 120Hz monitor will be good, 144hz can do as well for e-sport titles.

If the monitor size is the biggest factor for you, I'd aim for 24" or smaller as 1080p, 27"+ as 1440p, and 32"+ as 4k.

(This would be upgraded to a 2080 Super most likely!)
The Asus Prime x570-P is fine, but if you want to save a bit, the asus prime b550-plus or asus tuf gaming b550-plus are good as well.

After you upgrade to the 2080 S, choose the corsair RM750x as the power supply, all the other options are of poor quality. (The corsair RM650 is fine for a 2070S)

Oh, also change the ram to 2x8gb 3200Mhz, either the vengeance lpx or g.skill ripjaws.


There are few things with iBuyPower and the sister company CyberPower, unless you specify the exact power supply to use they will use a lower quality power supply. The other thing is build quality, the cable and component connections can be lacking, I have seen reports and videos of people getting systems with unplugged parts or loose cables. You may be better of building your system yourself or with help from a relative or friend, anyone that is a "big gamer" that plays on a PC should learn how to build a computer.