[SOLVED] PC and Monitor turns on but after the loading screen monitor turns off although pc stays on

Nov 21, 2019
So I just build my gaming PC
Ryzen 3 3200g (not overclocked)
Gigabyte Gtx 1660 OC 6gb
Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x8gb @3200mhz
1tb Seagate barracuda
240gb Kingston SSD
650w thermaltake lite

The problem is that when I turn it on the system works and also the monitor, aorus logo on display while loading to windows but before the loading ends the monitor turns off. I've noticed that when my monitor does this, my gpu fans also turns off. Idk what's the problem, because when I plugged the hdmi cable to the mobo the pc and monitor turns on just fine. I was even able to install windows and steam and etc. So I don't think it's my monitor?? My friend told me that maybe it's my monitor that can't handle the gpu idk. The odd thing here was so I went to a repair shop and they said that maybe it's the gpu so I went to the store where I bought my gpu. I asked for a warranty and replacement. They said ok, but they'll test it first. So here is where things go weird because the GPU worked just fine. So I told them that I'll bring my system/rig to their store. I brought it there except for the monitor mouse and keyboard. They installed the gpu, turned it on and boom it worked. I was shocked totally, because it worked just fine. We were able to test/benchmark some games just to know if the gpu is really working and it did. I also knew that my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu 😅 So I went home, all satisfied and excited and shit, plugged all the necessary cables (hdmi, keyboard, mouse, power cable and etc.) Here comes the weirdest part of them all, my pc didn't turn on. It's just the same as my first problem where pc and monitor turns on, aorus logo on display while loading for windows and before the loading ends, monitor turns off as well as the gpu fans. Send help please, I just wanna play some games man 😭☹



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