Question PC apps shut down randomly making it unable to reopen properly, forcing a restart to be normal

Sep 2, 2019
Just like the title, my computer runs fine, but for an "x" amount of time it will automatically shut down most of my applications in use. With me trying to reopen said applications and never really opening like they did before. But to open properly it would require a simply restart and everything is fine again.

I just want to learn if it has to do with anything I messed with trying to fix another problem of mine(which is highly likely cause this never happened); which was dealing with trying to properly connect to BDO(Black Desert Online) due to a recent patch affecting my end in detecting a "corrupted file". Trying desperately (and still not fixed) to resolve the issue.

And these were the following steps I did without real thought of what it would've done to my overall PC, which could be likely causes:
-Flush/changing my DNS
-Reset my TCP/IP
-Windows socket API reset
-Proxy settings reconfiguration
-installed a VPN