Question PC audio cuts out and potentially crashes the game I am playing ?

May 22, 2023
32GB 3200 ram 2x16
RTX 3070 (second hand)

The problem is whenever I play a demanding game for longer than 30~ minutes the audio can randomly cut out and potentially crash my game, and sometimes I have to reset my PC to get the audio back. I have played dozens of Indie games/less demanding games. But the issue really started being relevant ~3? months ago.

I have updated my graphics card drivers, updated my BIOS, over and underclocked my CPU (using Intel ETU), repasted my GPU, and reseated both sticks of RAM.
I also went to the device manager and deleted any hidden duplicates of "Sound, video, and game controllers)

Notable things
Via task manager my usage doesn't spike (GPU, memory, CPU, etc...) when I crash
Via Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (ETU) I am not being thermal throttled at all.
I have a UPS, it's 1500? watts. I have used it for years and never had any problems with it.
While I am in a basement, I have never had heat problems (thermal throttling/ not getting enough air in)
I have drywall work done and my PC wasn't covered, so drywall dust may have messed with some things (don't know for sure though). I really can't remember if the problem started occurring before or after the drywall stuff.

Also if it matters Fortnite, Hitman, COD MW2 crash the game (Not PC)
Weirdly enough Rust, and R6S don't crash/have audio cut out
And BeamNG only cuts out audio when I have a bunch of cars spawned.

I will take any advice seriously, so please try not to joke too much.