Question Pc audio Stuttering with Sennheiser PC37X


Jan 4, 2020
Hello, I recently bought Sennheiser PC37X's around Christmas time and at first everything was fine. My audio sounded great, the mic was way better than my previous arctis 5's and I thought the headphones were great. About 2 weeks after the initial purchase is when my friends were telling me that my mic was making strange buzzing sounds and that it sounded muffled.

This only happened while in any game and I thought it had to do with fans in the case shaking the pc causing an unstable connection to the AUX port. I tried every fan individually and they were not making any noise and were all balanced. This issue only happens sometimes but is very annoying but Its something I can live with. Recently, I have been experiencing constant audio stuttering in games and it is only in game, it does not happen with discord or anything.

For example, In siege, ill be hearing music or footsteps while my friends are talking and the footsteps will stop but I can still hear people in discord. This is using the same Audio output and I just don't know what to do. The issues only happen with games and overall high stress on the PC.

The headphones are completely fine because they work perfectly with every other device I plug it into. I presume this is an issue with drivers or Realtek or something even though I have re-installed Nvidia and Realtek drivers multiple times. Also, the headphones make a popping sound before and after every sound on my pc which I fixed by getting a mic splitter to USB. But this splitter did not fix the issue of sound stutters. I think its an issue with Realtek or something and any help would be greatly appreciated.

RTX 2060 Super MSI Ventus OC
16BG 3200mz vengeance rgb pro ram.
Asus Prime Z390-A White motherboard
NZXT Kraken x61 AIO