Question Pc becomes laggy/choppy when waking from sleep/restart with dual monitors.

Jun 24, 2022
Recently purchased an Acer 144hz and decided to use my old monitor as well. The new one is connected through HDMI to my gpu and the old one is using display port to HDMI cord and is also plugged into my GPU. A couple of times when my pc would wake from a restart/ being in sleep everything would be very choppy and laggy. ( on both monitors like moving tabs around on the screen and youtube videos, typing, etc.) A similar thing would happen when i would have like twitch on my second monitor and game on my main monitor, the secondary monitor would be all choppy and laggy until i tabbed back onto it. There arent any fps problems or drops. My displays just get all weird and stuttery. To fix this I would just have to put my pc to sleep and wake it again and it would be smooth again. That stopped working so I just unplugged my old monitor and now my main 144hz is working smooth and fine. They are both different Hz I heard that can cause problems sometimes. Also, my GPU isn't the greatest card it's known to have minor problems but it should be able to run dual monitors right? Or maybe it could be something with the display port to HDMI cord? Does anyone know how I could fix this?

These are the parts i am running:

Gigabyte B450MDS3H Motherboard

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (stock fan)

Corsair 16 GB Ram

Radeon RX 590


Jul 14, 2019
First I would try doing a clean reinstall of your graphics driver. Maybe also check to see if SFC and DISM repairs make a difference. Another thing that might be helpful is looking at performance/utilization during these choppy and laggy moments. If it's not for whatever reason high then that points to a driver compatibility issue in my opinion.