Question PC beeps three times on startup but fixes itself

Jul 30, 2020
Like I said, on startup it beeps one long and two short beeps. Meaning, something with the memory isn't correct.
The thing is though, after it does the beeping, my PC automatically restarts and it works fine.
I didn't change anything about the PC when it first happened; also, the first time it did happen, my monitor couldn't get any signal, the same thing others often are experiencing. I don't remember how I or my brother fixed it but after that, this "self-fixing" occurred.

Just now, I re-plugged the power supply and it, again, did the three beeps but it had to restart another 3 times (by itself). Then it only beeped one time, and there was a notification on the monitor (I don't remember what, but it hindered me from entering windows). I tried again, but the same outcome. Then I adjusted the power supply cord (I can't plug it all the way in, and I always hear some electricity sounds when adjusting the cable, which doesn't really sound right). After I did that my PC did the three beeps, restarted itself, and it worked again (like usual).

This "behavior" occurs pretty much every time and it honestly doesn't bother me at all, but it still kind of worries me.

Do you know why my PC does that? And how it fixes itself? Is it a "fake" error?
Also, can the problem be linked to the power supply cord?

Feel free to ask me follow-up questions.

(Mainboard: ASUS TUF B450-PLUS GAMING, Ram: 2x 8GB DD4R)