Question PC Black out or Fail Graphics on Samsung Smart TV, but works if I connect 2 displays. ???

Feb 16, 2019
Bare with me this is a wierd problem.

I just build this PC yesterday, everything was working perfect, and was able to play games. It auto shut off when I went to sleep. This morning, I turn it on, fine. Then as I'm using it, It looks live graphics cards error on screen. All those lines and stuff. And I can't press menu on remote, which makes me think its not my GPU.

But TV works with PS4 and everything else.

I update software on smart tv. Doesn't fix.

I connected a monitor to PC, and it works fine. Then I connect TV as an extension. Now I can view PC on TV again. I played around with this, changing primary monitor, and changing display resolution. But as soon as I unplug my monitor, the TV goes black, and it wont even let me press Menu on my tv remote. But if I reconnect my monitor, boom they both work.

Rebooting with TV only, didn't work

This is soo strange. This is a new build, on my last pc I didn't have this problem with this TV.

I Hope I can fix this, it has to be on PC side.

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