Question PC black screen constantly.


Apr 29, 2019
Theres alot to get into...
first of all my computer has been fine for like 6 months until literally 2 days ago. what ive been experiencing is extremely hard to describe.
basically at the start my pc would just crash every couple hours or so when playing video games or just in windows. the day after it got so much worse... i decided to update to the latest gpu driver to see if that would help and the moment i do so 10 mins later my pc crashes again and only boots to one screen cannot use a second monitor. not only that but it seems to be stuck in a lower resolution. after i restarted my pc it went back to normal and then i played valorant with no issue for the whole day. after i closed my game the pc crashed again and this time it booted to a single screen again and had pink dots not lines all over the screen but only on the wall paper or darker spots of the screen.

ive also reset my pc and underclocked some hardware to see if that helped but no different.
ive also done a gpu stress test and had it running for over an hour and no issue occurred what so ever.

idk if this helps but i recently bought a brand new monitor.

ps: please give me any advice at all or if you need anymore details or info let me know.
pc specs:
RTX 2080 turbo
msi b450 tomahawk max ii
32gb 2800 trident z
ryzen 7 2700x
liquid cooler for cpu