[SOLVED] pc black screen crash after upgrade

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Sep 8, 2021
Hello, first timer here.

Only recently i upgraded my rig, to be more specific with 3070 ti aorus and additional 2x8gb ripjaw 3600mhz ddr4.

I have never experienced any problems with my old rig but ever since upgraded games like ark survival and cod warzone would make my pc crash.

A black screen would pop up and it would stay there. I have to turn off my pc manually to get it back working again. Before complete crash I would experience stuttering sound and freezes which would eventually lead to a crash.

I run stock settings no overclocks whatsoever, the gpu's temperature usually hovers between 70 to 75c and cpu around 60-65c.

I have a intel i9-9900k, MPG Z 390 gaming pro carbon mb, CHIEFTEC PowerPlay 850W PSU, and another 16bg (2x8gb of G.Skill Aegis 16GB 3000MHz DDR4).

Can some wise person tell me what is causing my pc crash? could it be the new ram? I also updated my bios and all other drivers are up to date.

I am not sure what to do anymore so thats why im here. Could it be the new rams fault or voltage related?
Not open for further replies.