Question PC black screens after new GPU install & same even with old GPU ?

Apr 11, 2022
Hi, everyone! I was trying to install a new gpu on my computer & troubleshooted with my old one. Now it won't boot properly even with the old GPU. I get this screen with a frozen underscore cursor (with everything connected well) cpu fan runs & motherboard lights up though:

How could I fix this?

System specs:

Intel Core i7-10700KF - Core i7 10th Gen Comet Lake 8-Core 3.8 GHz LGA 1200

Z490 A Pro Motherboard (MSI)
CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16 Gb ram

ASUS Nvidia RTX2060 6GB Vram (attempted to upgrade to Gigabyte 3060 12 GB Vram according to motherboard & cpu compatibility )

Montech Gamma ll 550W, 80+ Gold Certified PSU, LLC+DC to DC Technology

I accidentally hit the heatsink with my hand, likely slightly & washed my hands of any residue, waited till my hands were completely dry & did my best to ground myself) did I mess anything up?

Also the PCI plastic pin popped out when I got it out but managed to pop it in

Did I mess anything up? I tried to not break anything & one of the screws fell into the motherboard but got it out as carefully as I could.

Edit: Mouse lights up , my rtx 2060 gpu fan runs when i turn it on but as soon as i turn on the screen, to the black screen display with frozen cursor, it stops running. the rtx3060 lights up, but fans don't run , & black screen. motherboard lights up when i turn on for both GPUs, new GPU not running & the black screen not displaying, with just the frozen underscore cursor
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