Question PC Black Screens and restarts with no warning

Dec 22, 2021
Ryzen 5 3600
MSI B450 tomohawk max mobo
16 GB DDR4 Ram at 3600mghz
RTX 2060
2tb seagate hdd
500gb crucial mx ssd
Corsair CX750M PSU

For some more context on my issue while I'm playing random games whether it be Fortnite, Phasmaphobia, Crab game at a random point in time my pc will just turn the screen black and reboot itself for no reason even when playing the easiest games to run. My temps don't seem to get that high and I've made sure to check my ram and see if it's seated correctly, as well as make sure everything is plugged it correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this issue is very inconvenient. Thank you! :)
Jul 3, 2021
Unfortunately for you this could be any number of things. The fact that this happens when running games likely means it's one of: CPU, RAM or GPU. In terms of temps, what you do you define as "not that high". Check what the maximum temperatures are for your components. If your temps aren't near those maximum temps then you can probably move on to troubleshooting your parts. Firstly, download Memtest86 and install it to a bootable USB. Let it run for 4 passes. If it passes with no errors, you can rule the RAM out. Next, download Prime95. Select the small FFT test and click "disable AVX" at the bottom. Let it run for about an hour, if it doesn't stop or crash, you can likely rule the CPU out too. That will leave the GPU. Make sure you have the correct and newest graphics drivers installed. Outside of driver problems, you may just have a faulty GPU. If you've tested your CPU and RAM and they are okay, the most likely culprit for shutting down while gaming is the GPU. Did you buy it new or used? Is it still under warranty? Do you have another PC to test it in?