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Question PC black screens when playing games

Jul 7, 2020
My PC crashes when playing games, mostly high(er) resolution games (CSGO, Warframe, etc.) but has crashed on lower resolution games (g-mod, etc.) as well. The screen goes black on me and I can not do anything. The fans keep running on the PC so I know that the power is not cutting out. When it blacks out I can obviously hold the power button to turn the PC off then back on and it's all fine like nothing even happen.

I've tried to keep track of the temperature (using the NZXT CAM overlay program for gaming) when playing games to see how hot my CPU and GPU get before it crashes but I can only really get rough estimates of roughly 40-70 degrees Celsius roughly on my GPU with my CPU consistently staying cooler than that. There are chances that I could be missing a different temperature when the PC actually crashes and black screens on me so it's not perfectly accurate.

I have tried to increase airflow inside the PC unit itself, even taking the side window off to allow more/easier airflow into the tower. I've also tried lowering the graphics settings in the games to decrease the load on the GPU but has still crashed (the auto settings in the game run at HIGH). I've been curious if my power supply is not powerful enough to run the hardware (I bought the PC from Lyte Technology pre-built) but I am not certain with my inexperience with this stuff.

CPU: Intel Core i5 3470
GPU: Radeon (TM) RX 470 Graphics
Motherboard: LENOVO
RAM: SK Hynix HMT351U6CFR8C-PB DDR3 and Kinqston HP698650-154-KEF DDR3
Power Supply: SuperMax ATX P-400

I'm still very new to all the PC stuff and I'm trying to learn. I appreciate any help.