Question PC blue screening after changing core voltage

Feb 5, 2020
I didn't really know what I was doing a few months ago and I changed the core voltage in msi afterburner a bit (I was looking at some mac bootcamp overclocking tutorial and it told me to change it but I don't know) but yeah shortly after it bluescreened and I got spooked and uninstalled afterburner without making any further changes. I've been getting it every few weeks now. Not when the computer is under load either, just completely out of the blue. The whole screen glitches out with weird colorful lines and a small blue screen window comes up and restarts my computer. I'm not sure where to go from here. It's possible this isn't the reason but that's my best guess. I've had some drivers issues in the past too since I'm running bootcamp, so who knows.

5k Retina iMac 17,1
Intel i5 6500

Also why does it say 16gb physical memory installed but only around 10gb available?
Also my dimms are hot, like 90C in Hwinfo. Macs are strange.
hi there msi afterburner has changed stuff in the bios to reach your over-clocks and so removing the software has done nothing the over-clocks still remain. Go into the bios hammering del at start select system and restore system defaults after restart will probably not find c: drive go into bios again and select the hard drive as boot or it might just work. but over-clocks will be removed and should be back to normal.