Feb 18, 2019
Good day to anyone that can help me try to understand what the problem may be.

So far it only happens a few times a week but im trying to point out which part is causing these bsods and crashes.

So far i get a few error codes which make it point to my ssd where my is installed,

First of i get a check disk error most of the time on start up and in windows itself.
the other error i get is bsod which states FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE
the second bsod code i get is NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM

the other crashes are happening either when i only play two games so far, it would be age of empires where everything closes down and i'm back to a windows screen with no apps open, other than that is beamng drive where the same thing happens.

so it brings me down to two things either it must be the Ram, which i already tested and everything was okay with it no errors were found, or my SSD (which is going for its 4th year now)

any help would be appreciated.