Question PC Booting but no display/USB


Jun 18, 2019
Hi! As the title says, my PC will boot but the monitor and anything connected by usb do not power on. Something similar has happened once before, but reseating the ram and tightening cables on the motherboard seemed to fix it.

CONTEXT: My PC had been working fine, was listening to spotify while cleaning. I accidentally bumped the PC and it froze up, the monitor being stuck on the screen I had left it on. I forced power off, let it sit, and then booted it up again. On initial reboot, the pc kept turning itself on and off (still no monitor or usb), but after forcing power off again it doesnt do that -- just boots, stays on, but doesnt send power to the usb devices or monitor.

The motherboard has a bright red dram_led light on, but im not sure if that's supposed to be on or not. The only other mobo led thats on is a green power led near the cpu, though the cpu_led light also flashes red once very briefly upon pressing the power button.

IVE TRIED: Tightening all the cables, reseating the ram (including leaving 1, changing positions, etc), reseating the gpu, leaving the cmos battery out for 5 minutes and then putting it back, reseating the cpu (and replacing paste), and tomorrow im going to see if maybe i need a new cmos battery altogether.

I would imagine i messed something up when bumping the PC while cleaning, but ive made sure everything is seated properly so I dont know. Nothing looks damaged from the outside.

Anything else I can try other than a new cmos battery?

EDIT: Mobo is an asus z170-e.