Question Pc booting off but lights and gpu still spining

Jun 22, 2021

My problem is that when I shutdown my PC from Windows it still has GPU lights and CPU cooler spinning, i know that in some mobo lights are still on but there the system is lightning like it's running normally, oh and the screen doesnt detect my PC booted. I have built 3 PC and swap some things too but I have never seen that. So to shut it down I have to use the power button which I know isnt recommended to use to shutdown a system

Specs :
I5 7600k
Msi Gtx 1660ti gaming x
Msi B250 gaming pro carbon
16 gb ram (8x2) Corsair 2400mhz
512gb silicon power SSD nvme
2tb seagate Barracuda
750W 80+ bronze advance psu

Oh and the only thing that i've done between the time it shutdown normally and this situation is installing Overwatch yeah I havent changed any parts
Thx in advance