Question Pc bootloop and monitor doesn’t display bios or any visuals

May 13, 2019
(Reposting this since my last one got ignored)
My psu is also a thermaltake toughpower iRGB plus 1050W
I was playing PUBG on my pc and my cpu was at around 140 °F and my gpu at 180 °F when out of know where it turns off and I assumed it may have been an overheating issue and I waited a bit and then tried to turn it on. Now it just turns on, then shuts off, then turns itself back on, then off again over and over again. There is no display on my screen of the motherboard brand and there is nothing appearing on my motherboard for bios codes mind you it’s a z390 aorus master from gigabyte with an intel i9-9900 and a gtx 1080. I really don’t know why my pc is doing this or which of my component are responsible, I would assume it’s the graphics card because I originally thought it was the motherboard so the manufacturer sent a replacement, however the same issue still occurs, hopefully I can get an answer this time.