Question PC boots but no output to monitor/keyboard/mouse. Help.

Mar 10, 2018
So one day I turned on my PC then it started to restart loop, I turned it off on the start button. After that I turned the PC on again and now it booted up normal but there was no signal on my monitor, and my keyboard and mouse didn't work either because they light up when the PC is on, also the restart button on the case didn't work.

I was looking what it may be and saw a video about restart loop and the guy said to take out the ram and put it back in. So I did, first I installed one ram stick and turned the PC and it work fine, the monitor worked and my keyboard and mouse worked. Then I turned the PC off installed the other ram stick and turned it on and again it worked just fine.

So I left it at that and the next day the same thing happened and again I did the same thing with the ram stick but this time when there was just one ram stick it didn't work, the PC booted but there was the same problem no output to monitor etc. Then I replaced the ram stick and it worked again with only one ram stick, I put the other ram stick back and it works again with both of them.

One friend said to me to take out my motherboard battery and wait few minutes and put it back, I tried it and it didn't change anything. I need your help guys I don't know whats the problem.... If anyone can help me that would be great. Thanks

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language :)