Question PC boots nothing on screen

Feb 3, 2022
Heya, new here!

I recently bought some new parts but when i boot up my pc, nothing happens on the monitor?

the new parts:
Cpu: 11700kf
Mbo: nzxt z590
m.2: samsung 980 pro 2tb
Monitor is plugged in via display port to the gpu

I get no error message, no beeps etc.
Ram and gpu shouldnt be the issue, it worked before i plugged it in the new mbo today.

When i start the pc the monitor lights up, says ”no signal” and shuts off.

what could be the issue? Is there anything specific that has to be done when installing a new pc with a cpu that has no integrated graphics?

the motherboards bios should be compatible with the cpu from what I’ve found online.

Motherboard has a 8+4 pin at the top, is the 4 pin a must have? My last motherboard (asus formula) only had a 8-pin.

Thankful for all the help I can get!
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