Question PC Boots outside of case but doesn't work inside of the case

Dec 13, 2020
I had my PC in a repair shop for over a month now. The guy has ordered an abundance of replacement parts of the same brand to test. Originally the issue was a faulty power supply that blew out my old motherboard.

Though once he ordered new parts. The pc still didn't boot. However, today he disclosed that the PC boots outside of the case. However, once he puts the parts inside of the case, it freezes at boot up.

He's not sure what the issue is, though he's going to test the case today. As it seems the case is the only issue considering every other part works outside of the case. Any tips or solutions? I'm getting frustrated with how long it's taking for this PC to be repaired. Worst case scenario I'll have to buy a new PC.

Motherboard AS Rock Z390 Pro.
Powerpack Evga 600W Bronze.
WD 500 GB hard drive.
DeepCool Fan Cooler.
CPU I5 9500 SRF6M 2.90GHZ.
NZXT case


If it works outside the case but not inside then something is obviously shorting on the case. The most likely cause is a motherboard standoff in the wrong position. If it's taken this long for a so called expert to diagnose this then it might behoove you to find another expert. This is something that should have been found within the first hour or two on the bench, without all the parts swapping.
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NZXT is the maker of the case, what model of NZXT's case are you using? As a side note, are you sure that there's no standoff located in an area where there's soldering under the motherboard? Also, EVGA is the brand of the PSU, 600W is it's wattage, what model of the PSU are you working with? Chances are that you're experiencing a short on the case which is preventing you from powering it up...or at the very least you wired the front panel buttons in the wrong way.