Build Complete PC boots then shutsdown - edit problem was fixed by connecting the 24pin connector properly

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Oct 14, 2021

I built my PC about a month ago and everything was working fine, I made a thread about my cpu temps but I was told that it was normal and after monitoring it for a week everything seemed fine.

Untill about a few days ago I downloaded forz horizon 5 and on the first boot up my pc just shut off with no warning I restarted it and after that everything was working perfectly and I didnt think much of the shutdown untill today.

I once again launched fh5 I was in the game menu and was in discord waiting for my friend to join me and i tried opening chrome the second i did that my pc just shut off again I didnt think much of until I tried turning it back on, its turns on but instantly shuts off as soon as windows loaded I tried it again and the same thing. So I gave a minute and tried it again but this time it shut off instantly.

All my fans spin and my aio pump also turns on. The fan on my power supply also seems to spin so I did a quick Google search and they said it might be due to the ram so I took out my ram and swapped them around and tried turning my pc on but instead my front fans turned on max speed and wouldn't shut off even if I kept hold of my power button nothing else looked like it was on so I turned off the power supply and the second I turned it back on again, didnt press the on switch the fans turned on by themselves.

I removed one stick of ram and tried running it on single channel everything turned on so I manually held the power button down to turn it off and put the other stick of ram in everything turned on untill it shut itself down and then the fans did its thing again whenever I tried to turn the PC on. Now after leaving it for 15m and trying it again in single channel the only thing that turn are the fans.

The power supply turns on, changing the to single channel and swapping then around didnt change anything.

Does anyone know why this is happening all of a sudden?

Ryzen 7 5800x with kraken x62
Nvidia 3080ti
Windows 11 on m.2 4th gen
Tomohawk mag motherboard
Ram dual channel 3200mhz ddr4 16gb


Ram is from my old PC build is not on the motherboard supported ram list
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