Question PC boots up every now and then , sometimes vga led turns on without recognizing gpu

Aug 20, 2020
When I boot my just built pc, I have to disconnect the display port first and then plug it back in for the display to show and recognized.
If I keep the display port plugged in while booting up, the vga led on my motherboard stays lit and the monitor turns on but not recognized. Monitor will go into power-saving mode and powers off. I have to restart my computer and go back to step one.
This prevents me from entering bios when I boot up.
The only way I can boot into bios is to remove the gpu and use the integrated graphics.

I've taken the pc to microcenter and it boots when plugged into the gpu (tried on hdmi and displayport) and their monitor. They couldn't diagnose any issues since it was successful every time.
I've replaced the video cables as well.
I've gone through the steps of removing the peripherals and still no luck.

I'm not sure if this is a gpu, motherboard, or monitor issue, because my old pc boots up just fine with the same gpu and monitor.
Should I get my mobo rma'd?

Monitor: LG-FreeSync Monitor with HDR
Mobo: MSI z490 Gaming Carbon Wifi (up to date bios)
CPU: Intel i7-10700k
Ram: 2xG.Skill Trident RGB 8g 3600 mhz
GPU: Asus Rog Strix 750 ti 2 gb
PSU: EVGA Supernove 850w G5