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Question PC boots up with no display (1 long beep + slightly shorter beeps) is this caused via graphics card?

Jul 17, 2021
Long story short a pot of gravy fell on top of the pc (where fans were located). Mostly the fan was effected but I quickly dismantled the case and clean everything with some tissues. A small amount did land on top of the graphic card and I managed to clean it off.

After putting it back togther again I now get beep errors 1 long, 2 slightly shorter then nothing until I turn pc off. I get no display.

I have a video here. (Discord media link, should work hopefully)


Any advice? I have done the following:
  • removed and re-attached RAM (tried other ports too)
  • Removed and re-attached graphics card.
  • Removed semos battery for a few hours then plugged it back in.