Question PC briefly turns on after cleaning


Jan 13, 2014
Hello and thanks beforehand for stopping by to help. After cleaning my pc today with canned compressed air i decided to boot it up but it wouldnt. The fan spins a split second and then goes out again.
This happened to me last time as well and i fixed it by checking if any pins were bent, but turns out it was just a dust bunny. So i decided to do the same thing now. But theres absolutely nothing out of order. No dust. No bent pins, nada..

I tried turning it on with absolutely everything off, no ram, no cpu and it runs fine. Even tried turning it with the CPU in place but without pressure and it does stay on! But as soon as i lower the pressure bar in place, it turns off

even brushed both the CPU and the pins with a bit of iso alcohol and the same results
the dangers of compressed air are not the air itself, but the condensation/moisture which often accompanies it...

Even a single water droplet can ruin a mainboard....and/or a PSU.

YOu can double check all connections, then drop down to a single stick of RAM, without a GPU (if your CPU/MB support integrated video out, which is unknown, as you gave ZERO details of your system)

Try a known good PSU....if no luck, the mainboard is the most likely culprit.

Use a leaf blower to clean dust, not compressed air, unless you have a moisture filter...