Sep 23, 2011
Hey guys!

I'm interested in building a budget pc for bf3.

So far I have these parts in mind:

Phenom x4 955

AsRock 970-Extreme4 AMD 970 DDR3 Motherboard

Patriot Signature 4GB Kit(2Gx2) DDR3 1600 (It says its made for intel but I'm wondering if it'll still work).

6870 or gtx 560, or better suggestions??

Coolermaster 430

Antec High Current Gamer 750W (need more?)

Any low price hdd, perhaps open to a ssd (any benefit for gaming with ssd?)

Have a keyboard and mouse and optical drive.

Did I forget anything?? Also don't have an OS.

Any suggestions welcome

My budget will be about $650- $800 (maybe able to increase budget as I'm only planning to build early next year)

They have recently revealed the bf3 pc specs and I'm puzzled why they didn't put 6870 instead of 6950 for ati gpu because for nvidia they said gtx 560 although according to http://www.hwcompare.com/11005/geforce-gtx-560-vs-radeon-hd-6870/
the 6870 is better than the gtx 560.

Thanks for your time :wahoo:


Sep 23, 2011
personally i would go with ati. its price is cheap and its great for multiple monitors and hi definition video. just go onto youtube and search gameplay with the 6870 and the gtx 560. i think the 6870 is better. and the more cores on the proccessor the better. battlefield 3 is going to take a lot of power to run on high settings. overall everything is great just try to upgrade the processor a little more. probobly go with intel
I think they meant to say the GTX560ti.Lots of people are confused with the "ti" and when most people say GTX560 they mean the "ti" version by default since it was released before the non "ti" version.That would also make more sense because the 6950 and GTX560ti perform the same.

You say your not building this until next year?

You could go with a lesser PSU and save some money and put it towards a better GPU.You really only need a 500 watt PSU for a single GPU.
If your not planning on building this till next year I would wait until then.Theirs going to be a lot changes in the market around that time.Prices are going to go up and down and who knows maybe after bulldozer is released next month it might be hard to find a Phenom ii around the time you want to build this.Of course I would suggest going with a bulldozer 4 core when you build it.Should be around the same price as a the 955.

The CM 430 doesn't have very good cooling I would suggest going for this instead.


It's only $10 and it's really worth the extra.Other than that I'd say your set unless you need an aftermarket CPU cooler.I assume your going to use the stock CPU heatsink that comes with the processor because you haven't listed it.


Feb 19, 2011
instead of creating a new thread ill try barge in here sorry OP. Do u guys suggest a 2gb 6950, or a 1gb 560ti. It seems the 6950 still just marginalizes an overclocked ti. I do plan on xfiring eventually when i can afford to upgrade mobos. I am thinking 2 6950's would be better than than 2 560ti's sli'd so do you think i should dish a bit more out and get the 6950 (2gb version, reduce micro stuttering etc)?

so stuck right now