Pc build from scratch for audio editing - for use with Mac and PC software. Plea


Aug 29, 2011
Hi there,
I'm looking to build a very powerful PC from scratch, specifically for creating, recording and manipulating audio. I score a lot of music for film and T.V. often running visuals and audio in Cubase, alongside Reason. In addition I'd like to use software designed for Mac (such as Pro Tools and Logic - even Ableton live for other projects) on the new build, and as such am considering running Windows, Linnux AND Mac OS on the system for this purpose.
Currently looking into motherboards but already find myself swamped with many options. I already have an external soundcard- and graphics are by no means a priority.
Any advice on mothersboard/CPUs to begin? Thinking perhaps Intel with 8Cores? - space for a lot of ram...
Any help's a really big help!


Sep 26, 2006
In order to have Mac OS, you will have to perform a hackintosh wich is ilegal and doesnt run as great as a tru Mac OS. However, if you do get a Apple computer, you can easily install Windows, Linux and triple-boot.

sincerely, any iMac will sufice.