[SOLVED] PC Build help/suggestions

Dec 10, 2018
So im building my frist EVER pc here folks!
Before i get dumbstered by u guys for my decisions, i wanna ask for some advice.

Im going to use a GIGABYTE B450M DS3H with a potentially ryzen 5 1400, or a ryzen 3 2200g( which saves me abit of precious money ) and as for GPU i managed to get my hands on a good gtx 980 when it comes to its condition, or so i hope. Now im in need of a PSU, and im really getting short on money after gtting 8gigs of ddr4 ram, surprisingly more expensive then i expected, now, what do you guys think, what is a good voltage for a PSU, or if u know a decent PSU that would do the job atleast for a couple of months.
THank you everybody!