Question Pc build issues and no idea how to fix it


Sep 14, 2019
I had watched a video on how to properly cable manage the back of my PC. So i decided to try and follow the same strategy and i ran into problem. When i was cutting the zip ties that i had put before, I accidentally cut the power wire for my CPU cooler (Very bad mistake i know). So i bought a new cooler (Corsair h100i pro XT) and hooked it up. Now my PC keeps turning on and off about every 3 seconds or so. I remember this though, I disconnected the ram closest to the CPU so I can squeeze my fingers through and place the cpu fan connector to the header on the mobo. I plugged the cpu fan and put the one ram stick back in and thats when it started doing the power cycles frequently. So i tried to get as much information on how to troubleshoot and the first thing that was said to disconnect 2 ram sticks. So i did that and now the pc boots fully but now there is no display. I checked every single thing such as the cables and made sure everything was plugged in properly etc. My PC has never had an issue like this especially since im using the same parts. I absolutely have no clue where to go from here. These are the parts im using in my PC:

MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon Mobo
MSI 1660ti Gaming X
(4x8gb) Gskill Ram 3200
Corsair H100i Pro XT
Corsair RM 750 PSU


Apr 27, 2020
The first thing I would try is somewhat inconvenient but i would try reseating (removing and replacing your cpu). sometimes when swapping a cooler the cpu can get jostled slightly out of place and not make a stable connection with the motherboard.