Question PC Build No Video Output on the HDMI Out

Apr 28, 2022
Hi There !!

I just build a PC and when I just started up, I didn't get Any video Output on the HDMI OUT

Here are the component :

MOBO : Aorus Z690 Elite AX DDR4 (already Flash the bios before the CPU instal)
CPU : Intel i5 12400 With integrated Graphics.
PSU : MSI A650GF 650 watt 80 plus GOLD
RAM : Kingston Fury DDR4 3200 MT/S (KF432C16BBK2/64)

I checked Twice all my power supply connection and everything seem to be in place the computer starts and run with the fan and everything but no video OUT via HDMI, and also my usb and mouse doesnt seem to light up througt the USB....

I try putting an old ASUS graphic card to check if it was working but no sucess with that.

So my first choice was that in the bios the IGPU was on auto or off but I can't get there if I have no screen ???

I try to follow the thread why no video out but no luck there !!!

I hope you can help me with that please !
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