PC Build opinions

Feb 8, 2019
Building a new pc and not sure what to get or whats the best options.

Currently looking to build a new pc that i would use for gaming, streaming, school work/coding and maybe some music production from time to time. Im just not exactly surr what to go with for cpu. Ive been looking at the i7 9700k as a good cpu for streaming and gaming but ive been hearing mixed reviews about it and not debating if i should just go with the 8700k.

My current plan:
- I7 9700k or 9700k
- Dont know about motherboard just yet but if you have good suggestions feel free to say
- keeping my corsair vengence lpx 16gb ram at 3200mhz ive had for 2 years
-Either a cooler master 212 black edition or be quiet dark rock 4 (not sure if the 212 will be good enough)
- rtx 2070
- phanteks p600s
- not sure if im gonna upgrade my psu yet since my corsair cx750m seems to be fine but i would like a fully modular one.
- samsung m.2 drive for boot/programs, 500gb ssd for frequently played games and a 4tb hdd im buying off a friend for 50 bucks for everything else

My goal is to be able to stream and game comfortable at over 144fps as i have a 144hz monitor that my current system cant keep up with (i5 6600k and 2060) im not looking for insane graphics since i do play competitively so i will be playing on low/ for most games for performance increase. Games i play are overwatch, battlefield 5, r6 siege, and counterstrike to name the more intensive ones.

If you know what i should go in terms of cpu that would be great or any recommendations like motherboard or cooler (i am air cooling since its cheaper) help with that would also be well appreciated, thanks!


Or the Cryorig H5. Or the Thermalright Macho rev.B. I like both those coolers better than the BQ products. Noctua is going to be releasing all black coolers also in the near future.

I don't know that I agree that the 9700k is a hands down better choice, but for some purposes it certainly is. The 8 physical cores, having two more physical cores than the 8700k, can certainly be more beneficial than the hyperthreads available on the 8700k but don't discount those either as a lot of applications and games are showing much improved optimization for multithreaded performance than even a year ago, much less two or three years, so many of these processors with a lot of hyperthreads are beginning to perform better with those hyperthreads than they used to.

Even a Ryzen 7 may be a good choice with it's 8/16, although honestly if you even think you might look at Ryzen I'd probably want to wait for the release of the new gen.


This is probably the benchmark you saw, and be careful that you weren't looking at the overclocked performance, because the stock vs stock performance of the 9700k is only about 2fps different than the 8700k, and the 2700x isn't even on there. Only the 2700 is, and there is a clear performance gap between the 2700 and 2700x, and the cost of the entire platform using the 2700x is much cheaper than with a 9700k, so you have to ask whether the difference in performance is worth the difference in price.


For some the answer is yes. For others, most actually, probably not. Both are actually great options, and maybe even overkill for many users but if you can fit it into your budget I don't know why you wouldn't choose any of these three choices.


You're right, there's not. My bad. That wasn't actually the right link. The other one I was looking at though didn't have all the players in it either. I'll have to look a bit harder for it when I get a chance.